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We Make it our Business to Protect yours!

1/14/2022 (Permalink)

A knight stands outside a castle, at attention This is another one of our employees. He works in Sales and Marketing.

Everyone’s got a passion he or she lives for. Maybe yours is selling artisanal cheeses, or perhaps artisanal tea. Maybe it is artisanal craft brews, or artisanal bricks, or even artisanal spelunking head lamps, (etc.)

Ours is protecting your business from whatever cold, unfeeling force of nature wishes to damage it. That means restoring, cleaning, or even reconstructing your business after a flood, after a fire, or even after a COVID exposure.

It means cleaning up and remediating mold damage, and restoring your floors, ceilings, and walls, and getting all the yucky, dangerous spores out of your formerly-pristine air ducts by cleaning it to our industry's most professional standards. If that sounds like the kind of business you’re looking for, get in touch! We’re just a phone call away:(704) 925-1019, and we can be onsite in less than four hours, which gives you plenty of time to get some cookies or lemonade ready for when we get there (hint-hint!), and we’re open 24/7!

Fire can be Hot, but SERVPRO always Keeps things Cool!

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

A cool guy with a jacket and sunglasses The coolness of the Average SERVPRO Franchise Professional.

If your home or business has been struck with fire damage, you know personally the stress it can bring. You’re wondering how to pick up the pieces, clean up the mess, and restore and reconstruct the damage, all while reliving the event and asking the what-ifs.

All these fears and anxieties can weigh down on your soul, however you can rest easy and stop worrying about the process--we’ve got it from here! Our franchise professionals have been trained and IICRC-certified to use industrial cleanup and restoration equipment to get your home or business back to as close to preloss conditions as possible, and make it “Like it never even happened,” and we can get to work in mere hours!

What is Salisbury’s Risk of Flood Damage?

1/11/2022 (Permalink)

A flood map of Salisbury, NC This will be the most important map you see for the next three hours.

Floods can be some of the most sudden, destructive natural disasters, especially since they’re not as much a regional occurrence as hurricanes or tornadoes. Anywhere there is water, whether it’s a river, lake, or creek, a flood can happen.

But you may not need to get all worked up and afraid–you may not even be at risk! Salisbury has only a few areas that are susceptible to flood damage, and has only a mild risk in the rest of the town. If you’d like to see what the risk is where you live, follow this link: Salisbury Flood Map. You can put in your address and select the layers you want to see to find out what floodplain you’re in, where the flooding goes, and how deep the flooding has been within the past year, hundred years, and five hundred years.

Fire Damage Risk Increases in the Winter!

1/11/2022 (Permalink)

A castle singed by fire Don't let the same happen to your Family's Medieval European Castle!

You’re going to be indoors a bit more as it gets colder, and you’re going to need to be safe with your fires you make to keep warm. But if you find yourself in a home with fire damage, whether from a cooking incident, a campfire gone awry, a candle spreading, or some other mishap, you’ll be in need of a professional cleanup and restoration company, and SERVPRO of North Rowan is that professional cleanup and restoration company! Fire is obviously a dangerous hazard to your home, but the traumatic memories can hang around much longer than the actual disaster thanks to the odor of smoke clinging to upholstery, carpets, and in your air ducts. Luckily, SERVPRO of North Rowan is IICRC-Certified to clean and restore fire and smoke damage from all of those crucial locations, and we’re just one call away!

Fire Damage Restoration Saves you Money vs. Replacement

1/11/2022 (Permalink)

A stack of old, partially-burned books Don't let the same happen to your priceless fancy book stash!

When you’ve had a rough experience surviving a fire, the last thing you want to do is add insult to injury and spend more money than you need to replacing damaged surfaces, furniture, and appliances. One way to save a buck is by hiring a Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration Company!

SERVPRO of North Rowan is that company. We’re IICRC-certified to clean and restore fire damage, and have been doing so for decades.

Restoration of course costs money, but it’s far cheaper than replacing everything you lost. You might even be surprised at what we can restore! Why not give us a call at (336) 229-1156 and we can come out and give you an appraisal? We’re open at all hours of the day (for emergencies, of course!), and we can be where you need us in mere hours.

Your Business needs an IICRC-Certified Restoration Company!

1/4/2022 (Permalink)

The IICRC logo: Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification Classy look for a classy joint!

Fire, Water, Storm, or other Damage can be devastating for your business. If you’ve fallen prey to such catastrophes, you need rapid action from true Franchise Professionals. However, time is ticking, and you need to find out which restoration company is right for your restoration needs, and a simple, quick metric for finding a company that is competent, professional, and qualifies, and IICRC-Certification is the best tactic for finding out who you can trust. The IICRC: Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification is the premiere Cleaning and Restoration Certification organization in the US.

It goes without saying (why write an article otherwise??), but SERVPRO of North Rowan is 100% IICRC-Certified for all your restoration needs, whether it’s water damage, mold damage, fire damage, or some other form of damage that needs cleanup. If you’re in the market for a restoration company that knows its stuff when it comes to cleanup and restoration, give us a call: (704) 925-1019.

As storms turn Icy, what’s your plan?

1/4/2022 (Permalink)

A heavy snowstorm in an Alpine Village Can't see your own toes in this weather. Not good! Sorry, every spooked kid covering your eyes in fear--what you can't see CAN hurt you.

We’ve made it through the thunderstorm season and rainy season, and now it’s time for winter storms. Winter storms bring a whole new set of challenges to keeping your home or business damage-free. One issue is that ice and snow tend to cave roofs in, and they can also cause trees to fall over. Whatever may happen to your home or business this winter, SERVPRO of North Rowan is here to help! If you find yourself in a Storm-Damage-Bind, you need to act fast and get in touch with us and we can have someone at your house, surveying the damage and formulating an action plan within four hours--our average is closer to three!--and since we’re open 24/7 for your emergency needs, you won’t have to worry about waiting until the sane people of the world are awake and moving about. Give us a call: (704) 925-1019.

We’re your One-Stop-Shop!

1/4/2022 (Permalink)

An All in One Candy bar This bar is much like SERVPRO: It can cleanup, restore, and reconstruct your home after a disaster.

JD Power’s Annual Survey on home restoration and reconstruction found that one of the most important factors in selecting a damage restoration company is finding a business that handles everything in-house, instead of having to procure the services of multiple companies to handle cleanup, restoration, and reconstruction. Well, if you’re one of those intelligent, prudent clients with discriminating taste, you’re in luck! SERVPRO of North Rowan is the Damage Cleanup and Restoration + Reconstruction Company for you! One call can have a franchise professional at your property in mere hours with a van full of top-of-the-line industrial equipment, ready to knock out every step in the cleanup and restoration process and get you back to as close to preloss conditions as possible and make it “Like it never even happened.”

It’s Crunch Time. Are you Ready?

12/7/2021 (Permalink)

A bird's eye-view of an outdoor flea market They almost look like a grille from here. It's synchronicity, folks!

December is more than just the 12th month of the year. It’s also the most important month of the year! Christmas is sitting at the end of the month, staring you down right now, and his little brother New Year’s Eve is just behind him. Is your business ready?

For most retail establishments, this is the big cheese: Jan-Oct oftentimes makes just as much money as Nov-Dec! You must make sure everything goes perfectly, which means a disaster in your business causing fire or water damage or a COVID outbreak could tank your chances of making it on the cover of Forbes this year.

If you want unending success and critical acclaim for your business and for your father to finally tell you he’s proud of your Q4 Sales Report, you need to keep SERVPRO of North Rowan on speed dial: (704) 925-1019. When disaster strikes and you suffer a flood or a fire, hit us up and we will be there in mere hours, cleaning and restoring your damage and getting you back to as close to preloss conditions as possible.

What Time does SERVPRO North Rowan Close?

12/7/2021 (Permalink)

A sign on a business door titled, "Sorry, we're closed, but still awesome" You will NEVER see a sign like this at SERVPRO, unless you stumble upon my secret stash of kitschy closed signs under my desk.

Ah, what a question. Many people have been asking this lately, so we’re making an official blog post statement: We Don’t.

That’s right, folks! We’re open 24/7. We do not close.

You might be thinking, “But SERVPRO of North Rowan Blogwriter, how can this be? I’m pretty sure people can’t work 24/7 without rest!”

Well, you might not be able to, but we ate all our vegetables growing up, so we’re stronger than you. Also, we might take shifts.

So what does that mean? It means if you get home at 5:15pm to find out your basement flooded, you don’t have to frantically check Google Maps to see if we’re open. We are. It means if you get home at 5:30pm at find debris spread all over your above-average yard from a storm, you won’t have to try sixteen times to get Siri (or God forbid, Cortana) to check if we’re still open. We are. And finally, it means if it’s 12:30am, and you’re having nightmares and need someone to call to chat with, you don’t need to check the YellowPages to see if we’re open. We are.